Other squeegees don't cut it!


Original Tools From An Original Wrapper

Squeegit® tools are designed by Burl Cole, a US based vinyl installer who has spent the last 25 years wrapping everything from boats to exotic vehicles, jets, race cars, planes, submarines, drones, trucks, jet skis, luxury cars and just about anything else that stood still long enough.

During that time he learned more than a thing or two about how to increase his productivity without sacrificing the remarkable results he was internationally known for. Squeegit™ tools have been created to embody those ideas and make them available to the professional vinyl installers of today. If it's got Burl’s name on it, you can expect performance and results that are every bit as legendary as the man himself.

Combining a squeegee and cutting blade into one tool to make vinyl installs smoother and more efficient than ever!

● Unique slider locking mechanism to prevent accidental blade release

● Two shore grades – rigid earth-friendly wood composite plastic and soft flexible plastic

● Precision manufactured with tight tolerances to allow accurate cuts

● Seamless, predictable connection between hand & tool

● Tool reliability and trustworthiness – built to last in the USA

● The snap off blade is standard 9mm allowing for more cuts between changes and can be replaced

Applications of using the Squeegit

● Suitable for all major manufacturers’ films - 3M, Avery Dennison, APA, Oracal and all vinyl market applications including – vehicle, Fasara, water crafts, commercial graphics and signage, aircrafts and 3M Dinoc interior vinyl.

● Allows for one hand operation for vinyl application and cutting.

● Provides precision cut along fixed edge to leave ¼” spacing.

● Squeegit’s rigid wood composite blade edge can be sanded with 120 Grit abrasive to ensure a smoothen edge at all times. It can also be shaped with angles for specific applications.

● 6 Snap 9mm blades can be ordered as replacement blades

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Introducing Swytch Tools®

Combining double-edged cutting and opposite angle scoring for maximum cutting points and long lasting blade performance.

Ideal for the professional film installer, vinyl wrapper, commercial craftsman or hobbyist. This 9mm blade offers the following advantages:

● Dual cutting edges to increase cutting life

● 70 degree angles providing 20 blade segments for more cutting efficiency

● Stainless steel construction for long life

● Fits in any standard 9mm or 18mm safety knife

● Offers both right hand and left hand cutting ability

The dual cutting is ideal - one blade edge for rough cutting of material and the other edge for precision cutting of film or weeding. The blade fits in your standard 9mm industry knives including the NT Cutter and Olfa knives for the seasoned pro.

We supply these blades in 10 pack plastic storage boxes for safe handling.

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